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 Creators of The Players Advantage Guide,Club & Tour

On Par Media Solutions has developed the ultimate toolbox to help golf courses, golfers, and businesses improve "their game".  

  • Golf Courses can increase their business and save money.
  • Golfers can improve their golf game.
  • Businesses can increase profits by targeting an affluent market.
Golf Course Benefits
Golf courses are always looking for ways to save money, keep loyal golers, and attract new ones.  On Par Media Solutions' The Players Advantage Guide and Club Website marketing tools will give golf courses the competitive advantage over other courses. 

  • Golf Course Benefits
  • The Players Advantage Guide
  • The Players Advantage Club Website
  • Amateur Golf Tour
Business Benefits
Successfull businesses know the importance of an effective, targeted marketing and advertising program.  On Par Media Solutions has created The Players Advantage Guide and Club Website to help businesses reach one of the most sought after demographics available, golfers.